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In celebration of Conklin’s innovative design and Mark Twain’s passion for the Crescent filling fountain pen, we are pleased to launch the Mark Twain Crescent Filler® as a limited edition demonstrator in crystal clear acrylic to show the inner workings and mechanism of this unique filling system.
To make this limited edition demonstrator new processes were devised, and technical hurdles were overcome. Our engineers had to develop several new methods to create this model so that the material is completely transparent allowing for the writer to view the filling mechanism in action during the filling of ink.
The crystal clear acrylic enables you to see at a glance how much ink you have left in your fountain pen so that you are never caught short in writing notes at that important meeting, or run out of ink when writing a letter to your loved one.
Accented in a choice of glossy black titanium-coated finish or luxurious rose gold for the clip, trim, and crescent filling mechanism, the Demonstrator design and contrasting trim brings the original Crescent fountain pen into the 21st Century.
Using today’s new technologies and materials, we are able to recreate the original Crescent pen design in a limited edition series to appeal to pen connoisseurs who appreciate the history and creative times of the most innovative American pen company from the golden-era of fountain pens.
The Mark Twain Demonstrator Crescent Filler® is limited to 1898 numbered pieces world-wide, the year that Conklin® was founded. Mark Twain’s signature is engraved on the cap band along with the individual limited edition number for each fountain pen.

Mark Twain Crescent Filler®fountain pen collection.

Conklin® proudly celebrates Independence Day with the American pen that started it all for the Conklin® Pen Company back in 1898, by introducing New Colors in the Mark Twain Crescent Filler®fountain pen collection. Roy Conklin invented and patented the self-filling pen known as the Crescent Filler™, and now it is recognized as the world’s first practical self-filling fountain pen.

In 1903, Mark Twain, the legendary American author, expressed the virtues of this unique self-filling fountain pen by saying, “I prefer it to ten other fountain pens, because it carries its filler in its own stomach and I can not mislay even by art or intention.” Becoming the official spokesman for The Conklin® Pen Company, Mark Twain discovered yet another benefit to Conklin’s Crescent Filler™ stating, “Also, I prefer it because it is a profanity saver; it cannot roll off the desk.”

Today, two new colors, vibrant red and an earthy coral have been added to this classic collection. Each Mark Twain Crescent Fountain pen is painstakingly engraved with a distinctive chaise pattern, echoing techniques utilized in fine pen production for over a century.

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